Top 7 Women Mountain Bike Shorts In 2019

The trend to the female mountain biking accessories is increasing day-by-day. There are many manufacturers who focus on making elegant and high-quality accessories in this category to make sure women feel the ultimate mountain bike riding experience. The dress-up of women is one of the essential aspects to consider when deciding to go on mountain bike riding. If they wear suitable short then they will get the best comfort and enjoyment while riding. Apart from mountain biking, women can wear them for cycling, trekking, hiking, etc.  you can gift a suitable pair of shorts of this category to impress your female partner, female colleagues, mother, sister, etc. Along with providing comfortable feel and convenient fit, these kinds of shorts appear stunning. Your look will be unique in the crowd. To get proper details about the best women’s mountain bike shorts available currently, refer below sections:

Here is the list of Top 7 Women Mountain Bike Shorts on

7. Beroy Women Breathable Bike Shorts, Cycling Shorts with 3D Gel Pad:

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Capable to work as the cycling shorts and even as the bike shorts, the beroy women short fulfills your need.  They are prepared from premium quality fabric and comfortable fit to ensure women attain comfort while riding or cycling. There is a number of reasons to choose this breathable bike shorts from beroy. First of all, these shorts are prepared from sturdy, durable and breathable materials.  The presence of the breathable function enhances comfort for use during summer days. They are competent to absorb sweat and works to maintain dryness inside your body. With the presence of the 3D gel pad, women will feel great comfort for use in any weather conditions.


  • These breathable bike shorts are equipped with 3D chamois gel cushioned foam inside. This foam presents good protection over your bike saddle when you are riding. There would be no hassles to ride bicycles/bikes on long trips.
  • In the manufacturing process, the material used is 80% polyamide and 20% spandex fabric. These materials possess wonderful wicking properties to eliminate sweat.
  • They come with the contrast color panel prepared with the fluorescent fabric that glows in dark.
  • The brand’s reflective design elements enhance safety and visibility when riding at night.
  • The anti-slip design is conveyed with the help of superior silicon flexible gripper over the hem.  This gripper assists to hold the shorts in a fixed place.
  • They come with the reflective logo and luminous contrast panel. Actually, there are four fluorescent contrast panels in order to guarantee safety.

6. OHMOTOR 3D Padded Protective Shorts Hip Butt EVA Pad Short Pants:

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The OHMOTO 3D padded shots are suitable for different kinds of sports activities. Different sports activities that need intensive protection could be accomplished using these short pants. These include skating, skiing, mountain biking, snowboarding, cycling, and many more. The all-inclusive padding works as ideal guard and protectors for your thigh, hip, and tailbone. Sufficient amount of padding is the key specialty of these pants.


  • In these short pants, the densely hot pressed EVA pads provide sturdy impact resistance.
  • To employ custom fit, the shorts come with elastic and adjustable waist sticker.
  • For comfortable wear, the short pants come with soft and perforated fabric.
  • Different sizes are available for children, youth and adults.
  • These padded shorts would offer thigh and hip protection.
  • The presence of the EVA padding is found environmental-friendly and it comes with excellent cushioning, shock resistance, and heat insulation function.
  • Their elastic waist cushion pad presents sturdy support on the lumbar vertebra.
  • The convenient fit is ensured with the help of durable sticker Velcro.
  • The materials used in the making are 40% polyester and 60% EVA.
  • You can easily wash them by hands.
  • Three color choices are available –black, green and pink.

5. Baleaf Women’s Cycling 3D Padded Shorts UPF 50+:

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The brand Baleaf is popular when it comes to women garments. It is happy to delight its customers with the self-achievement and provoke to fulfill their ambition through its high-quality products.

In these 3D padded shorts, the commendable aspect is the padding and the built quality. They are highly suitable for cycling and mountain biking. When you are not using them for sports activities, you can use them for daily wear or night wear. You don’t need to worry about the overall appearance because the overall look is beautiful when you wear these shots. In the rear, the padding is made enough to deliver a comfortable fit. Also, in the front, the padding is sufficient to ensure a comfortable fit. The presence of elastic material presents a wide range of movement. Your body will stay dry with the use of the perforated fabric that wicks instantly.


  • The 3D antibacterial pad successfully decreases vibration and presents excellent comfort on long rides.
  • Its reflective logo stays visible during low-light conditions.
  • Presence of the leg grippers along with silicone dots keep short pants from riding up.
  • With the use of the multi-density chamois, vibration is reduced on long rides.
  • Materials used in the making are 80% nylon, 20% spandex and UPF 50+.
  • Vibration is limited with the use of the 3D antibacterial pad. This pad is dedicated to present exceptional comfort on long rides.
  • Your body would stay dry and cool with the use of perforated and humidity wicking fabric.
  • The arc-shaped and broad waistband prevents the issues of ride-ups.
  • Irritation due to chafing is effectively reduced by the flatlock stitching.

4. Eco-daily Womens Cycling Shorts 4D Padded Biking Bicycle Bike Half Pants:

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The half pants or you can call it shorts from Eco-daily are specially intended for mountain biking and cycling activities. Those women cyclists who are passionate about riding bicycles or bikes on different terrains can definitely try these cycling shorts. One of the most appealing traits of these half pants, from the women’s perspective, is they are designed using skin-friendly materials. These materials reduce irritation to skin and would not fade away.

Women will certainly experience the freedom of movement while riding or cycling. The credit of comfortable use goes to the impeccable blend of the fitness function and fashionable appearance. During the making, the half pants use superior quality tricot knit microfiber. Generally, this microfiber would not disintegrate like the low-quality stuff. One more noteworthy quality of these shorts is they are equipped with safety. There is the inclusion of the reflective elements on the leg’s side; therefore, women can ride conveniently during the night. They would not just stretch to conveniently fit your curves but they would smoothly move along your bide while cycling. This makes more and more women go for these half pants.


  • The unique blend of a specialty nylon/spandex fabric can be seen in these half pants.
  • In these 4D padded shorts, the superior quality breathable material successfully absorbs humidity and discharges sweat from the skin. In this way, your body will certainly stay cool and dry.
  • They will flawlessly contour your anatomy and presents high standards in protection.
  • In total, there are six layers of multi-thickness density foam. These layers would dispense weight uniformly and decrease the pressure points on your lumber.
  • Its top layer is perforated and antibacterial to generate a chafe-free fit. This unique fit is dedicated to maintaining dryness and coolness.
  • The elastic leg bands have a dimension of 2.5-centimeter and they work to secure the base. Moreover, they avoid the half pants from riding up.

3. ZOIC Women’s Navaeh Cycling Shorts:

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While riding bicycle/bike on different types of trails, women usually fear about the insecurity. Now they are ensured with complete security and hassle-free bike riding experience with the use of these cycling shorts. The Navaeh cycling shorts are effectively stocked with necessary features in order that you could it trails hard. For many women, the waist adjustment feature is the most desirable. This functionality is available in these women’s cycling shorts. Basically, these shorts use lightweight stretch-fabric material for comfortable wear throughout the day. Great flexibility and convenient fit are the praiseworthy specialties of these women’s shorts.


  • The 11-inch inseam is exclusively designed to fall near the knee.
  • Presence of flexible and Velcro side-adjuster tabs assist your dial to attain proper fit.
  • There is the availability of tech pocket for smartphone or music.
  • For a comfortable fit, these pants come with the flat front waistband.
  • There is the presence of stitched free bottom hem.
  • Facility of multiple pockets lets you store different accessories.
  • The included material is sturdy enough and would not get severely impacted by weather. This material would stay cool during hot days and warm during hot days. It would not stick on the saddle.
  • All the pockets are properly aligned.
  • The adjustable waistband is not at all bulky.
  • On outer leg sides, there is the availability of zipper pockets.

2. Eco-daily Cycling Shorts Women’s 3D Padded Bicycle Bike Biking Underwear Shorts:

The 3D padded underwear shorts are essentially lightweight and breathable to let women feel complete comfort. These specialties help to keep your skin free from sweat, bacteria and itching feeling. Hence, no discomfort feeling is experienced while you ride a bike or do cycling. The elasticity of the underwear shorts does not just stretch to fit your body curves spectacularly but they move flawlessly with your body during the cycling motion. Based on careful observation, it is revealed that the flatlocked seams are extremely soft and smooth adjacent to your skin. Moreover, the seam ends are fastened and would stay unaffected from wear & tear. They are ideal for day-to-day commuting and enjoying leisure rides. You get a chance to ride comfortably in your preferred trousers, skirt, or shorts.


  • These 3D padded underwear shorts make use of the 85% polyester and 15% spandex material. This unique combination is successful to absorb dampness and capable to discharge perspiration from the skin.
  • On the surface, you would find cut-away areas. Furthermore, there is the presence of multi-thickness density foam uniquely shaped to provide support to your sit bones.
  • You will be refrained from leaning far forward on the sensitive areas.
  • The padded shorts would seamlessly fit around your hips without creating any issues of slipping and deformation. Your hipbone stays protected from damages during cycling.

1.  NOOYME Womens Bike Shorts for Cycling with 3D Padded Pink Ride Women Cycling Shorts:

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Representing the feminism, the 3D padded cycling shorts for women are showcased in pink color.  Super flexibility and comfortable fit are assured at an affordable price tag. The huge cushy pad is extremely comfortable for effortless riding on a hard saddle. Generally, it is observed that the padding is perfect and last well through the wash. In the preparation, there is the use of premium quality 3D structure cushion. This kind of cushion presents a blend of relief and support when you pedal. Designed especially for women, the perforated, multi-density arrangement of foam presents ultimate comfort. For comfort and coolness during long-distance commuting, the chamois pad is included.


  • In these 3D padded ride women cycling shorts, the inseam is 6.8″.
  • Presence of the soft silky fabric presents excellent flexibility. Furthermore, this material assists to keep away dampness from the skin.
  • The leg grippers are equipped with silicone dots. These dots assist preventing ride-up in the leg and falling down the issue in the waist.
  • For improving safety and visibility during night, there are two reflective marks.
  • The tight band near the thighs is manageable and comfortable.
  • Its printed fabric is magnificent and bright.
  • The well-constructed structure along with nice padding seems comfortable.
  • Overall fit is perfect; the padding is not too thin not too bulky.

The mountain bike shorts or half pants are intended to facilitate you with comfortable fit during different sports activities. Excellent comfort, convenient fit, beautiful design, and safety are the paramount specialties of these women’s shorts.

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