The mouse is one of the important mouse components for a computer. As we were aware that an ordinary mouse use cable which makes it untidy and makes your PC set up look unorganized. So the best choice for your set up is the wireless mouse. There are so many wireless mice on the market nowadays but to think of the company who provide the best software and hardware of their mouse is Logitech. They provide the best Logitech Wireless Mouse.

Choosing the best Logitech Wireless Mouse is very complicated. First thing you need to know is what do you use it for and do you prefer the best product or budget product. Here is the list of 10 best Logitech Wireless Mouse.

List of 10 Best Logitech Wireless Mouse

10. Logitech G305 – Portable Mouse

The G305 is a budget model of Logitech wireless gaming mouse, and it is very accurately and fast as wired that’s because it came with lightspeed technology. The G305 is pretty small, and mostly it works best for the small hard user. It’s a little over 6.1cm at its widest point, it’s 11.5cm in length, and about 4cm high. For the packaging, it is elementary. It’s come with a small box and inside the box there a mouse, some letter for product spec, charger cable.

For the spec, The G305 use sensor hero optical, which is fast and accurate. It has two buttons on the left side and support DPI from 200-12000. For the polling rate, it can be set to 1000Hz which’s mean it track our hand whether we move fast or slow and work best for FPS shooter game such as PUBG, CSGO, Fortnite, Apex Legend and so on. Buy G305, and your gaming will improve.


  • Very small and portable
  • Affordable price


  • Not the latest mouse from Logitech
  • Use AA battery and not rechargeble

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9. Logitech G602 – Good Battery Life

The G602 from Logitech is the wireless mouse and has no wired which allow you to put it into your set up to get a good looking and also excellent performance as well. On the left side of the mouse, there are tons of button which allow to customize it and use for your benefit. It has a place where your thumb can rest while using it.

Since it is a wireless mouse and many people wondering about its battery, the G602 is using AA battery that allows you to use it in an extended period. It is a mid-range wireless mouse and also affordable price as well. For the performance, it supports DPI between 200-2500. Give your G602 now, and you’ll improve your gaming playstyle.


  • No wired and Lag-free
  • Affordable price
  • Customizable button


  • No RGB light
  • Use AA battery and not rechargeable

8. Logitech M705 Marathon Wireless Mouse

The M705 is a portable mouse and very comfortable when holding it. With a smooth grey plastic on it and grippy black plastic on both sides make you feel sturdy and premium. For the battery life, it use AA battery, and Logitech claims that it can last 3 years, and it also has an auto-sleep as well. The connection is simple, just plug and play.

For the best part is the scroll, the scroll that equipped on M705 is a special scroll wheel which allows you to click, scroll and also move left and right. It is advantageous when you browse something, and you accidentally click on site that you don’t want too, then you’ll just have to move the scroll wheel to the left, and you’ll back on the previous page. This is one of the best-looking mice from Logitech, so get yours now.


  • Smooth scroll wheel
  • Very comfortable
  • Good battery life


  • It is only for right hand user only
  • Use AA battery

7. Logitech M510 Wireless Computer Mouse

The M510 is also a portable mouse and very comfortable when holding it. It use a USB Bluetooth receiver which has no cable, and this makes your set up look cleaner. It has a convenient control back and forward button on the left side of the mouse and support Logitech support that allows you to customize these buttons with your benefits.

The battery life is very good. It can last 2 years with an AA battery on it. Sometimes you just forgot to know that this mouse doesn’t use a battery at all. Out of the box, you will not find the USB reciver that’s because it is hidden inside the mouse, just take off the mouse cover then you’ll see it. Just like we talked on top, the M510 use USB Bluetooth receiver so to use it just plug it into your computer, and you are good to go. Buy M510 and travel with it.


  • Long battery life
  • Use wireless technology from Logitech
  • Good built-in quality


  • Use old fashion battery and not rechargeable battery

6. Logitech M570 – Comfortable Mouse

The M570 is a type of mouse that use track ball, and we use it with our thumb, that is the best part of M570. Our Impression, when the M570 first lunch, we were very impressed with the design a heavily sculpted shape that fit your hand nicely. The mouse is very affordable and you guys and get yours on Amazon around 30$. For the performance, this part has caught lots of people concern about it. We’ve seen many people were asking about how does it work and how can they get use to that. However, since we got our hand on it for a few minutes, our hand already starting to build muscle memory and getting to use to it.


  • User no need to move their hand when using it
  • Work on any place thank to the track ball
  • You can control your mouse 30ft away from the Bluetooth dongle


  • When we click the button, it is a bit loud

5. Logitech MX Anywhere 2S

The MX Anywhere 2S is a portable wireless mouse that allows you to put it inside your pocket. It is pretty small, and the battery life is insane. For the setup process it is very simple, just plug the Bluetooth dongle inside your pc and turn on your mouse then you’re good to go. The MX Anywhere 2S features Bluetooth Low Energy technology and can use both window and Mac computers.

For the performance, this Logitech wireless mouse didn’t target the gaming wireless mouse but target the market as a mouse for professionals and business travelers.


  • Work anywhere you place it on
  • Rechargeable battery
  • The scroll wheel is smooth and easy to scroll


  • There’s no place to store USB receiver

4. Logitech G703 – Affordable Price

The G703 Logitech Wireless Mouse used to be the wireless mouse in 2017 but not current day. Even though it is not up to date, but it’s still the best-looking mouse. The first thing that caught our attention about this mouse is the price. It’s 75$ on Amazon, which is affordable for everyone, and it is not expensive and cheap. For the design and the appearance, it is fully backlit RBG lighting and RBG lighting on the scroll wheel as well. There’s a DPI toggle button at the long side with scroll wheel. It supports both wired and wireless. Out of the box, it came from a micro-USB cable, Logitech dongle, a metal to increase its weight, and the mouse.

For the battery life, it is not as good as G Pro, but it can allow us to use up to 3-5 days base on how long do we use it per day. It use sensor hero optical, has 2 buttons on the left, DPI can be changed up to 12000 DPI. The weight is only 107g, very light. This Logitech Wireless Mouse is for workers, gamers, designers and mostly for everyone. Get yours CLICK HERE.


  • Affordable price
  • Very light and universal fit
  • Has DPI button on top


  • Battery life only around 24-36 hours
  • Not the latest product from Logitech

3. Logitech G903 – Gaming Mouse

The G903 is a wireless version of G502. It’s a LIGHTSPEED wireless mouse and has modular side buttons and many features into which make it the very special. This mouse is made for people who prefer features and a specific weight over the stripped-down and lightweight mouse. The G903’s using 3366 Optical Sensor from Logitech and has Omron switches buttons. For the DPI, it supports up to 12000DPI in the step of 50 and 1000Hz for polling rate. It can use both wired and wireless connection.

For size and dimension, this Logitech wireless mouse support left and right-hand user. Its width 6.6cm, Length 13cm, Height 3.9cm, And Height 3.9cm, for the weight, is 110g(without optional 10g weight). The best part of G903 is the scroll wheel. It is a decent scroll wheel, and it is very smooth, but you press the button on the right underneath said scroll wheel, and then you’ll unlock its full power. The G903 is one of the best mice from Logitech nowadays.


  • The scroll wheel is very good
  • Good battery life
  • Very comfortable and can customize the weight


  • The price is very expensive and affordable for everyone

2. Logitech MX Master 2S – Best for Work

The MX Master 2S Logitech Wireless Mouse is a very fantastic mouse that is capable of connecting up to 3 devices. We can switch from one device to another device with a dedicated button. It has a uniquely designed, and it makes you feel very premium when holding it. Logitech removed AA battery and put recharge battery into it which is very useful. This Logitech Wireless Mouse supports fast charging, plug it into the pc in just 3 minutes, and it can allow you to use it for the entire day. That’s insane battery performance.

For the setup process is very easy, plug the Bluetooth receiver and turn the mouse in and you’re good to go. Logitech MX Master 2S feature Bluetooth low energy and a dedicated 2.4Ghz receiver to connect to your computer. The Logitech MX Master 2S Wireless Mouse is best for the worker, designer and also for gamers as well but not excellent performance and also not what it was made for.


  • Capable of Fast-Charging
  • Easy switch to other devices
  • Great battery life performance


  • Use micro-USB which is old fashion

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1. Logitech G Pro – Best Gaming Mouse

The G Pro Wireless Mouse is known as the best FPS gaming mouse. It designs with Ultra Light Weight from Logitech which is very light, and the weight is only 80g, height 125mm, width 63.5mm, depth 40mm. For tracking it use sensor hero from Logitech, resolution from 100-16000 DPI. For the responsiveness, it use USB report rate up to 1000 Hz(1ms) and has microprocessor 32-bit ARM. It is very accurate and very responsive to our hand movement, whether we move fast or slow.

For the built-in quality and design, this Logitech Wireless Mouse built with high-quality material and worked best for sweaty hand. It has 4 buttons left and right which support left-hand and right-hand user. This 4 button can be customized, and it sticks to the right position as well. For battery life, this Logitech Wireless Mouse can be used up to 60h when the RGB is on, and it could be longer than that if the RGB lighting’s off. Based on the description, The Logitech G Pro Wireless Mouse is one of the best Logitech Wireless Mouse nowadays. It is for every user no matter left/right-hand user and for the office workers, designers, architectures, and mostly for gamers.


  • Easy to use
  • Work best for sweaty hand
  • Battery life can be use up to 60h
  • Good tracking sensor
  • Support both wired and wireless


  • Too small for some people
  • Price is a bit expensive

The bottom line

The Logitech Wireless Mouse comes with a unique design. Every mouse has its purpose, make sure you buy it for your own benefits and not buy it because your friend, family or anybody told you to buy it. Read our description, and it helps you to know which mouse you are looking for.

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